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Mehreen Cgit
dear admin, the advertisements you provide me every day are not enough, I finished watching them in 2 hours, and I want to make more money, what should I do?
2024-02-23 19:44:22
Quietly tell you, haha, you can use your relative or friend's mobile phone to register on our website to watch advertisements.

Sana Warsi
Unbelievable, I am a student, I insist on watching advertisements for half an hour every night, this month I actually received a reward of 800 $, my classmates are very envious
2024-02-23 19:15:38
Thank you for your feedback and good luck every day

I have submitted my withdrawal request, how long will it take for the money to arrive in my account?
2024-02-22 20:43:45
The money will normally arrive within 3 working days, but if there are many people applying for withdrawal, it may take 5-10 working days

Kosuri Madhu
I now make more money watching ads than going to work during the day, thanks Money4Click
2024-02-22 22:02:16
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The advertisements on the website are not enough for me to see, I want to make more money.
2024-02-22 03:41:53
We will cooperate with more advertisers as soon as possible, and believe that more advertisements will be provided in the near future

Sara S
I'm busy and don't have much time to watch ads. Is there a faster way to make money?
2024-02-22 00:29:20
You can send your referral link to your relatives and friends, when they register through the link and watch advertisements to make money, you will get a reward of 10% of their income

Roark Howard
I completed the task according to the requirements of the advertisement, why didn't I receive the bonus.
2024-02-20 23:25:07
Hello,since the system reward confirmation takes 5-10 minutes, you can refresh the page after 10 minutes to see if you have received the reward.

Kumara Swami',Ram Medisetti'
I just received your payment, thank you, I'm going to have a big dinner tonight to celebrate
2024-02-20 14:41:27
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